Tile Tools

This is a sample of our Tile tool selection.
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Notched Trowel

3/16″, 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″ in depth. 24B-775SD * DuraSoft handle, 24B-702SD * DuraSoft handle, 24B-705SD * DuraSoft handle, 24B-776SD * DuraSoft handle, 24B-780SD 4.5×11.5 ‘V’* DuraSoft handle

Tile Float

This float is specifically designed for the tile setter. It has a ¼” gum rubber face on a 5/8”, fine cell, foam rubber pad & a plastic handle. Number/Size: 2-43 (4 x 9 x ¼”)

6 Piece Tile Straight Edge Set

Includes: 1 1/2′, 2′, 2 ½’, 3′, 4 ½’, 6′ and clamp. This set contains 6-“L” shaped tools. 90 degree angle allows for increased area of use. Set comes clamped together and boxed.

Carbide Grit Edge Hole Saw

Tungsten carbide particles permanently bonded to alloy steel for cutting extremely hard and abrasive materials ordinary hole saws cannot cut. No teeth to dull or chip so they last longer and cost less per cut. 2 ¼” cutting depth Size 1 ¼” dia. hole saw

Carbide Tip Chisel

Carbide tips will hold their edge far longer than tempered steel. These chisels are sharpened to guard against chipping the tile next to the one being removed.Size ¼”

Crain Extendable Big Scraper

This scraper has an 8″ wide, heavy duty, replaceable blade and a twist lock adjustable, telescoping handle. Two models are available to use when standing or kneeling. Great for floor prep but not for prying or floor removal.

Crain Pro Stripper

Reinforced heavy duty stripper. Now improved with 3-screw blades holders and a rounded-end handle grip for less fatigue and no sore palms! Includes one 4″ x .020″ blade.

Crescent Nippers

Carbide tip. Unique handle design for added comfort. Plastic grip. Center spring returns jaws to open position. ⅝” x 8”

Tile Spacers

Precision cut for accuracy. Evenly space tiles for uniform grout lines. Provides quick, professional looking results. Both sizes available. ¼” + ⅛”

White Rubbing Stone

Perfect for smoothing rough edges off freshly cut stone and tile for a smooth finish. May also be used for dressing diamond blades. Use on light stone and tile. 2″ x 8″ x 1″ 60 grit

Jiffler ™ Mixers

Upper wheel pulls down. Lower wheel cuts up. Holes and slots quickly disperse soluble lumps. All steel construction. Wheels are plated and balanced.