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Preach Building Supply McNear Brick

We offer several brick products including clay brick, concrete brick, fire brick and adobe brick at our Phoenix and Buckeye locations.

Clay brick has been around for thousands of years. Combined with its energy efficiency and natural ingredients, brick is one of the most sustainable building materials available and needs virtually no maintenance.

Concrete brick veneer offers all the benefits of concrete block including durability, sound control, energy efficiency, low maintenance, and it’s environmentally friendly. 

Call or stop by our Phoenix or Buckeye stores to learn more about brick options for your home project.


Call for pricing and ordering:
Phoenix 602-944-4594
Buckeye 623-853-8300

Arto Concrete Brick

Arto has been making handcrafted rustic products since 1966.

Arto products are unique and made to order. There is a lead time but it's definitely worth the wait!

McNear Brick Tivoli.jpg

McNear Clay Brick

Our best sellers are:




In business since 1868, McNear Brick is one of the country's oldest brick manufacturers.

McNear Brick

Call for availability and pricing:
Phoenix 602-944-4594
Buckeye 623-853-8300

Old Carolina® Brick Co.

Call for availability and pricing:
Phoenix 602-944-4594
Buckeye 623-853-8300

Old Carolina Clay Brick

Our best sellers are:

Savannah Grey


Preach Building Supply is an Exclusive Distributor of Old Carolina® Brick Co. Products

Adobe Brick

Burnt adobe brick is made from a mixture of earth and clay that is mined from areas in Mexico.The mixture is placed into wooden forms where it is dried before being placed in kilns for the final process.

The result is a multi-color brick infused with yellows, blacks, oranges, browns and reds creating a beautiful one-of-a-kind product. This brick will provide a unique and decorative addition to your home improvement project.

Call for availability and pricing:
Phoenix 602-944-4594

Fire Brick

Fire brick provides consistency and uniformity for easier installation in your fireplace. They are hard, durable, long lasting and low maintenance bricks.


They comply with ASTM C1261 and meet or exceed the requirements of local, national and international building codes regarding fireplace and chimney construction.

Our fire brick are available in warm red or buff and add charm to any fireplace.

Call for availability and pricing:
Phoenix 602-944-4594
Buckeye 623-853-8300

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